You're in a safe and sacred space. You've come looking for a way to document a part of your life and are in search of someone to trust to do so. Look no further for the person who wants to capture your story in the most authentic way to you.


The photos you receive from me will not be unique because I sprinkled some magic dust and made them beautiful, they will be that because your story is unique and beautiful and worthy of being remembered.

More about me

Hello, friends! I'm Jacey.

And I'm grateful

And I'm grateful you're here.

A few years ago, I felt a shift happening in my career pursuit. I knew being a photographer was a dream, but I needed to get to the truth, to the heart of the matter, to make sure I entered this industry in the right headspace. What I found, especially in wedding and family photography, was that it wasn't about me or my "art". I released any control I felt over making that time with clients be what I wanted, and opened up the space for them to set the tone. I wasn't about to let sacred moments be sacrificed for my sake, for the curation of a perfect moment. I want something better for the people who trust me to capture their lives.


you're here.

Kyle &

These more than dear friends tied the knot in a small church courtyard and then had lunch with their family and closest friends. A couple of months later, they gathered a larger crowd for a rooftop reception.


These lovebirds met in college and have had a sweet time in their new chapter of engagement. Planning a wedding is a lot, but planning for a marriage is much more lovely - these two are relishing in the latter.

Claire &

After a backyard wedding in the midst of a global  pandemic, Claire & Jared never got to wear their wedding clothes. To celebrate their first year married, they finally got dolled up for some "wedding" portraits.